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  • Elbow hemiarthroplasty for acute distal humeral fractures and their sequelae: medium and long term follow-up of 41 cases

    The earliest distal humeral hemiarthroplasty (EHA) implants, which date back to the late 1940s, were performed in patients with severe elbow joint injuries as an alternative to arthrodesis. After some clinical reports and case studies with a short follow-up, published in the 1990s, a new “anatomically convertible” EHA model was introduced in 2005 and became a common surgical option to treat complex elbow fractures and their sequelae.

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  • The link between frozen shoulder and menopause

    There is no evidence of a direct link between frozen shoulder and menopause. However, menopause involves hormone changes that could contribute to frozen shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions.

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  • Symptomatic Malunion of a Displaced Clavicle Fracture

    A left comminuted clavicle fracture sustained in a polytrauma accident went on to a symptomatic malunion after a trial of non-operative management. Will thoughtful preoperative planning and operative execution lead to fracture union?

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  • Causes of Elbow Pain and Treatment Options

    Elbow pain can range from the burning that comes with an inflamed tendon to the sharp pain of an elbow fracture.Elbow pain can have many different causes. That's why it's important to see your healthcare provider for a full evaluation. An accurate diagnosis is key to a proper treatment plan.

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  • Shoulder Blade Stretches: Exercises to Relieve Pain in Tight Shoulders

    If the shoulder blade, or scapula, is out of position, or if there are any problems with the tendons attached to the scapula, it can cause pain and make movement difficult. Several stretches may help ease this pain.

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